The Time has Come | Final Post of the Year

Who are you kidding, you life must have been boring without my posts and puns. But unfortunately this isn’t a post about food or cool places to visit, but it’s more of a resignation for the summer, don’t worry, I’ll be back in the new school year better than ever but for now I’m going to put the posts on hold until October or sometime around there.

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Over the school year I’ve certainly had some great times and made great memories of all the things I’ve done, I’m kinda the class clown so it’s safe to say I’ve shared a lot of laughs, sometimes I’d laugh so hard I’d fall to the floor laughing really hard.  Like the one time we did a math question about how a man needed to shock his pool, (Using chemicals to kill algae and bacteria) so I answered with the simple phrase “I’m not sure what the answer will be, but I have a feeling it’ll be quite shocking!”  Another great memory was on a field trip for 4 days, we rode a coach bus for a five hour drive into the Canadian shield to a camp called Muskoka Woods, it was an amazing time. I got a cabin with all of my friends and my leaders were hilarious, we did so much, we went canoeing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, zip lining and everything of the sort. I had an amazing time doing all this along side my friends. Over the year not only did I strengthen my friendships buy I also expanded my knowledge, a couple things I’ve noticed is that I’ve become better a summarizing my notes, I narrowed a nine page note down to one page yesterday. I’ve also become better at math, I used to be about sub-brick intelligence in math, now I can easily do fractions and I can do math much easier. My goals for next year is to be able to get my grades up a far as I can because I want to get honors for when I graduate, and to make more time for studying so I will be able to know more about my work and understand why I’m doing it.

Well, it’s time for this kid to take a break for the summer, so this is goodbye for a few months until school starts up again, so talk to you later and as always stay awesome!

Final Student Blogging Challenge | Week #10 | Nolan G

Hello bloggers, today is the last blog post for awhile, September-October to be exact. I’m going to have to critique my own blog, and than get a friend to also look over my posts, I have to say I had a fun time creating, uploading and expressing myself through my blog. I’d like to thank you for reading my blog posts and taking the time to comment, It really means a lot to me. But anyways, lets end this all for good.

Goodbye Inscription
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I really liked my blog, I have made nineteen total posts and all were school related. I made my posts a decent length and used proper grammar, literary devices and grade appropriate terminology. But some posts I didn’t check entirely and some grammar or punctuation errors slipped through. I received twelve total comments, my post with the most comments was on my Remembrance Day Poster. I think this happened because I worked hard on that post and tried to use my background knowledge to explain why remembrance day is important. My favourite post is about the time when I pushed a watermelon down the stairs when I was really young. I’ve also changed my theme on many separate occasions because I like to get a new look every once and a while. I currently have eight widgets on my blog, I feel like its just enough, I only have the necessities. I currently have six people on my overseas blogroll. And I used flag counter. I rate my blog an 82% and the challenge a 72%. My friend Gordon said my puns were outrageous and my blog was hilarious  but I needed more depth and longer posts, he gave me an 8/10

This journey was like the elevator business, it had its ups and downs. But I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my posts, without you this wouldn’t be possible, so I’ll talk to you later and as always… STAY AWESOME!

Beating Cancer | Student Blogging Challenge Week #9

Hello everyone, today I’m talking about a more serious matter and I don’t plan on joking around, today I’m talking about one of the worst kind of sickness there is on Earth, Cancer.

Released by: National Cancer Institute (The structure difference of healthy and cancer cells)

At this time many of us know, seen of have lost someone with cancer, cancer is when a genetic mutation in you DNA causes the cancer cell to rapidly divide and will most likely cause a tumor, and cancer can infect almost every tissue type in the body. There are many causes to cancer, it could be genetic, from the type of food you eat (Processed Meat), from radiation of if you’re getting enough exercise. Often times cancer can be transferred through generations, although not contagious it can be wired into your genetic code and can skip generations, four out of ten people will get cancer in their lifetime. But there is still hope, the most common treatment is Chemotherapy which uses radiation to slow and kill cancer cells, but has nasty side effects,it also harms healthy cells that divide quickly, such as the ones in your mouth, intestines and the ones that help your hair grow. But I truly believe that somewhere out there, a cure resides waiting to be discovered. Something that doesn’t just manage the virus, but eliminate it entirely, and this cure is just within our reach. With constant donations and experts working around the clock, soon struggling with cancer will be a thing of the past.

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you want to see more from me that don’t be shy to look at my older posts, thank you for reading and stay awesome.

Student Blogging Challenge Week #8

Hello everyone, today in going to be doing week eight of the blogging challenge, I have to comment on at least three different blogs and leave the URL of my blog in the comment, here are the links to the comments.

Student Blogging Challenge Week #7 Activity #6


Hey everyone, today I’m going to talk about what would I do if the electrical grid went out in Canada for week #7 activity #6 of the student blogging so lets hop into this topic.

First off I’d fail to grasp the situation and be in total disbelief, but eventually I’d realize that i wouldn’t be playing Xbox anytime soon an I’d just go outside, I’d spend ages playing road hockey on my driveway, shooting pucks. Then I’d play basketball also in my driveway, then I’d bike to my friend’s house down the road and hang out there, I’d relax by laying in a hammock and reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid while laying in the sun, and to be entertained I’d just play sports outside with my family and friends. I’d also go for walks or go biking. I would be on a desperate hunt to power up the generator at my house so I could use the internet. Another way to relax would be swimming in my pool. I’d go for a drive with my family and travel all over the area near my house so we could look for something else to do. I would go fishing quite often so I could kill some time until the power turned on. Then I could go to the park and play soccer or go on the skate park, or I’d be forced to cut the lawn and do chores of my parents and not get paid for the back breaking labor. (Heavy Exaggeration)

So that’s what I’d do if the power grid went out, play hockey, play basketball, read, go to my friend’s house, playing sports, go for walks or go biking, hunt to power up my generator, go swimming, go for a ride, go fishing , play soccer, go skate boarding or do some back breaking labor for my parents. If you liked this post then don’t be afraid to check out my older post

Student Blogging Challenge Week #7


Hey everyone, today I’m making a list of my classes favourite or online board games, like video games or playing music. So lets hop right into this.

Nolan (The person who made this): Monopoly (Kara:  Clue) (Ben: Stratgeo Fire and Ice) (Andrew: Monopoly) (Shaunee: Monopoly) (Ethan: Risk) (Gordon: League of Legends) (Oscar: Monopoly) (Emma: Monopoly) (Holly: Chess) (Nathan: Video games) (Chelsea: Yahtzee) (Abby: Apples to apples) (Cole: Call of Duty AW) (Julian: 3D X’s and O’s) (Madison: Clue) (Tess: Monopoly) (Michael: Monopoly) (Sahara: Yahtzee) (Bree: Cranium) (Brent: Clue) (Emily: Yahtzee) (Josh: Monopoly) (Jonathan: Checkers) (Sophie: Monopoly) (Sabine: Monopoly) (Tia: Cards against Humanity) (Emma: Apples to Apples)

(Some are missing because they weren’t at school) So those are the favourite board and computer game in my class, ten people like Monopoly, three people like Clue, one person likes Stratego, one person likes Risk, one person likes League of Legends, one person likes chess, two people like Call of Duty, three people like Yahtzee, two people like Apples to Apples, one person like 3D X’s and O’s,one person likes Cranium and one person likes checkers. If you liked this post than don’t be afraid to look at my older posts, thanks for reading!

Student Blogging Challenge Week #7

Hey everyone, today I’m going to work on week seven on the student blogging challenge, I’m writing about what I would do if me and my family were trapped on a deserted island what would we do for entertainment, well here is what I’d do in this situation.

I’d start by collecting some coconuts and once I get enough then I can start playing my favourite game, dodge ball but with a passive aggressive twist, basically you have to peg the other team with coconuts and once the whole other team can’t take another hit or they’ll be knocked unconscious, then you win. Another less painful game is bowling, just set up some logs, stand them upright and roll some coconuts at em’ and boom! That’s some upper class bowling at no cost. The final thing is coconut volleyball, now I know what you’re thinking “This is a broken arm waiting to happen” and you better believe it, you may want to catch it and throw it at the menacing jaguar hunting it’s prey.

So that’s what I’d do if I was trapped on a deserted island, if you liked this post don’t hesitate to look back on the good old posts of mine, talk to you later!

Blogging Challenge Week #6 (Activity 4)

Student Blogging Challenge Week #6, Activity #1 (Food and Culture)

Hello peeps, welcome to my scrumptious blog. Today I’m going to do week six activity one of the student blogging challenge. We have to write about the food and culture in our country, in this case Canada. So lets start week six right now.

Out here in Canada, we are one with the moose, we live in igloos and feed off syrup, and our only source of entertainment is ice hockey. Only joking, but we do love hockey and syrup. We like to put syrup on our pancakes and waffles (duh) and many people work hard to make great tasting syrup or the rest of us. They tap trees and they drain the tree sap and treat it so it is sweeter then just sawing open a tree and drinking a puddle of bitter sap mixed with sawdust. Another food made and enjoyed here in Canada is poutine, it’s a plate of french fries with melted cheese on top and then they add gravy to maximize flavor. It was made in Quebec. A personal favorite of mine is BeaverTails, now I know what you’re thinking, “A tail cut off a beaver? How gross and inhumane!” But it’s actually a great desert pastry. You can put many toppings on it to get the best taste.

Those are three foods native to Canada, if you liked this post then you should check out my older posts. Thanks for reading!